Beth Crowley is a wonderful singer and musician in the Nashville, TN area. When she approached me about choreographing a video for her new song ‘Standstill’ I was so excited! Working with her and all of these artists was such a great experience. Enjoy my choreography for ‘Standstill,’ and if you are a music artist looking for videography, choreography, & artistic direction please reach out!

and again

‘and again’ is a site specific work set on Rachelle Peace and Brittany Koken for Found Movement Group’s premiere Gala of 2017.


Humble beginnings or not, everyone has the chance to show humility in all of life’s circumstances. I wanted to represent the idea of humbleness between different types of people & relationships through the physicality of movement.

One Shot

2016-2017 Quartette set on dancers from the Ann Carroll School of Dance in Franklin, TN. Dancers: Carly Wynans, Lucy Barns, Maggie Roberts, & Caiden Fioravanti

From Four to Two

2016 Winner of the Bellamoxi Choreographic Festival

This was my senior choreographic project in graduating from The Ohio State University. My focus was looking at dance and choreography from an anthropological view; movement initiation, primal movement motivation, and the basic structures of the human body.

Blended Hues

Premiered at the OSU Department of Dance Winter concert 2015

A choreographic exploration of blending movements through tone, level, strength, and connection. Performed by Tadas Varaneckas and Cailin Manning

Stealing the Serenity

2014 OSU Department of Dance Choreographic Premier

My first OSU Department of Dance choreographed site specific work. Stealing the Serenity focuses on taking a usually calm and serene everyday space and interrupting that with choreographed movement, thus opening up the viewers eyes to the possibilities behind the spaces we occupy daily but rarely see.