Every Little Thing- Travis Cooper Choreography

Now that I have my blog up and running again I wanted to post this video that I had the pleasure of being in this summer. Concept and choreography by my immensely talented and amazing friend Travis Cooper and filmed/edited by the wonderful Cody Kern, this video captures what it is like “to basically be on your knees begging someone to open their hearts and give their all to you.
the good, the bad, the ugly….
pushing you to feel as if you’re submerged underwater fighting for air – that is your relationship – every time you hit this wall.
giving up is an option, but you decide to fight.
though your heart is beaten down from the constant struggle, you fight.
though you feel that this time isn’t going to be any different than the last time, you still fight.
because you know that one day the universe will reward your persistence and belief in this relationship…one day.” -Travis Cooper

Dancers: Savannah Vawter, Roshunda Brown, Meredith Rodefer, Jade Barthelemy

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