The Final Countdown

Thursday May 29:

Short and sweet: we had a final lunch downtown today with our moms and some sweet words were spoken by our program coordinator Clara from ACBEU and our student representative Mike (unbeknownst to him until we all just voted him to speak). After we returned home Sam and I finished packing and just sat on the balcony looking at the Atlantic and counting down the hours till we had to leave that night.


We were suppose to get picked up by our bus at 10 to take us to the airport but Ludmilla wasn’t there to say goodbye because she was at the hospital with a friend who was in labor… so of course Sam and I make the bus go and pick up all the other students while we wait for Ludmilla so we can say goodbye! Brazilian family love is strong. We stay in touch now via WhatsApp and she is keeping us up to date on all things World Cup.

This experience has had its ups and its downs but it has been a wonderful non-the-less. The main reason I wanted to come to Brazil was for its tropical culture and all of the lightheartedness and freedom that comes with it. I’ve traveled to Europe a few times but wanted to experience a different part of the world and find those similarities and differences that we all share as humans. I’ll definitely return. I thank all of the new friends I made and all of the Brazilians who made my stay interesting and completely worth my while. Muito Obrigado.


**Random Pictures…

They don’t use dryers: it’s a line dry kind of world in Brazil


Enjoying a night out in Salvador

IMG_7708 IMG_7710



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