One Last Hoorahhhhh

Wednesday May 28:

Sam and I woke up early to go lay by the beach this morning. It ‘s about a 20 minute walk from Ana’s house so it wasn’t too bad although it was so humid I looked like I had already gone swimming by the time we got to the beach. Porto de Baha was one of the best beaches in Salvador. The water was fantastic, the sea floor wasn’t rocky, there were fishing boats maybe 20 feet from where you were swimming, people surfing by the rocks, and men playing soccer on the beach.

IMG_7924 IMG_7936

After lunch Sam and I went to ACBEU for our last discussion with Dr.Costigan where we submitted our small essays and review questions from the textbook and reflected on our entire trip. After class a few of us went to get icecream and then we went home to pack. Early in the night Ana and Ludmilla took Sam and I to a nearby farmers market and we got some Brazilian coffee and cinnamon (because that is how Ana makes her amazing coffee) and try some candied/dried fruit. They then took us to try Acaraje. Basically fried black eyed pea and shrimp patties that are THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. Chase ‘em with a Brahma beer and you are full blown Brazilian. Oh…our friend Oslon also ombre my hair tonight in the back hallway of their house.


So…our last night in Salvador and I haven’t really gone out since before I was sick. We were planning on going to this dance club called Twist (which I thought my sister Ludmilla was pronouncing Tweesh so you can imagine the confusion) but it was at maximum capacity. We ended up going to a small dance bar right next door because we got discounts at the door for being cute blonde American girls. This was an amazing night; we shut the club down. Many of the other people were men and women in their 30s and 40s but we didn’t care we just danced the night away, and there was this awesome samba group playing that had us dancing until 2 in the morning. The scene was so cool and I wish I could go back every Friday night. Sam and I simply went home and went to bed after wards but some of our friends decided to go to a beach and swim where all of their clothes, phones, and cards were stolen and they got a pity cab ride home soaking wet and naked…great story for them and I was glad I wasn’t alone in the stolen goods department. I have to say after tonight we achieved complete cultural immersion.

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