Morro Do Sao Paolo (aka Paradise)

Friday May 23- Sunday May 25:

Friday we began our journey to Morro do Sao Paolo. A one hour ferry ride to the island of Itapai, a two hour buss ride along the island, then a 20 minute speed boat ride later we made it to the island. I felt horrible so I went to my room and passed out on the bed meanwhile the others were having the time of their life on the Tiroleza (zip line) that goes from the hillside into the ocean. Believe me I am very salty (or as our Portuguese teacher translated “salgada”) that I missed that. Stupid bacterial infections. I FINALLY started to feel better later that evening for dinner, which we had at a restaurant connected to the resort. Our resort house was BEAUTIFUL by the way with the most amazing view. Later that night we went to the little vendors and shops in the town….I bought a brazilian bikini. YOLO

IMG_7758 IMG_7765 IMG_7767

The next morning I was feeling 100% better; those antibiotics finally kicked in and I could eat more than juice and coffee at breakfast. That morning we were free to do what we wanted so we all went to the beach, ordered some drinks, and relaxed in the ocean. We took a banana boat ride for about 25 reals ( $12…I mean come on that would cost about $50 in the U.S) and it was so much fun. We drank out of coconuts, captured a little O-H-I-O pic on the beach, and worked on our capoeira skills on the beach just because we could. We later got some acai and juice at a little lanchonette and then met our tour guide Sandro for what we were told was a walking tour around the island. Little did we know that this tour was more of a hike/swim/climb. We hiked through the forest, climbed over rocks and down to the beach where we hiked along the beach and walked waist deep through the ocean to get to this one beach that is only accessible when the tide is low. This is were the famous mud wall is. People come to this wall were fresh water cascades down this fresh mud and you scrape in off, slather your body and hair, dry for 15 minutes in the sun, then jump in the ocean to clean off. Your skin is baby smooth and it supposedly does wonders for the health of your hair. It was by far one of my favorite experiences on the trip. We took a boat back and had dinner at the restaurant again. We went out to a bar that night where the music was popping and the mojitos were tasty, and later everyone went to this dance club that was having a party. I didn’t go because I was still exhausted from the meds and wasn’t drinking too much so it wasn’t too tantalizing…if I wasn’t sick though believe me I would have been all over that.

IMG_7762 IMG_7777 IMG_7815 IMG_7774 IMG_7799 IMG_7841 IMG_7770

Sunday morning a few of us got up early to go to the beach again. I was sun burnt, of course those damn antibiotics, so I chilled in the shade with a Heineken. A bunch of us hung by the pool later because we left early in the afternoon to take the 3 leg venture back to Salvador. We got home around 6 and basically passed out on the bed again since our host mom wasn’t home. Woke up at 11 and had soup. Brazilian time…what can you do about it.

IMG_7847 IMG_7761

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