So you’re going to the hospital in Brazil…

Saturday May 17:

I went to the hospital this morning. My second and main impression of Sao Paolo life came from my venture to the hospital. Getting a taxi at 7 in the morning proves difficult when people are LEAVING the clubs at that time. Once me and my teacher finally had a taxi a girl runs out of the club near our hotel, still completely wasted, banging on our taxi and screaming in Portuguese about something… I saw her 10 minutes later at the hospital with a guy who had obviously been in a fight and his entire head was covered in blood…GOOD MORNING SAO PAOLO.

If I recounted to you what I did today I would simply be summarizing the four Netflix movies I watched (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Proposal, Letters to Juliet, and Dear John). So instead I am going to list some cultural differences that I have noticed…


  • Adult braces- big thing
  • DO NOT flush the toilet paper
  • They love their bodies and flaunt WHATEVER they have (aka Brazilian bikinis)
  • If you are white, blonde, with blue eyes you will be cat called even when you look as grimy as you ever have
  • Motorcycles take no mercy
  • Ham and cheese sandwiches and chocolate cake are a morning staple
  • Juice over water. Always
  • White girls= “gringas”
  • Brazilian men are much more forward
  • Bugs and dirt don’t bother them as much
  • showers have two temperatures: lukewarm and cold (which I didn’t end up minding in Salvador since I was hot and sweaty all the time)


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