Not the most comfortable hotel bed but…

Sunday May 18:

Again I laid in bed and watched movies because I felt so horrible (Across the Universe, Remember the Titans, and Dear John (Yes, again, I’m a hopeless romantic)). Believe me I was pissed that I was missing out on all of these experiences. I’d already missed a night tour of Sao Paolo and today I missed the Museum of Portuguese language and the Museum of the history of soccer/ tour of a soccer stadium. I’m not being facetious when I say I was upset for missing the museums, I am genuinely interested in all of these aspects and would NEVER have stayed in the hotel if I didn’t feel absolutely dreadful. I’ve never had throat pain this bad or headaches this bad. I couldn’t swallow without cringing so I’m pretty sure I just drooled all over the hotel pillows, as I lay there exhausted. It wasn’t fun. I would have much rather been out and about in Sao Paolo.

Today was the day I tried to venture out and get ice cream then got caught in an uncharacteristic monsoon. Sao Paolo left a bitter taste in my mouth. I guess I ‘ll just have to return again with my 10 year visa and try the Sao Paolo life again.

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