Modern Art and Monsoons in Sao Paolo

Friday May 16:

We rode a 7-hour bus ride back to Sao Paolo today as we left Rio Preto and I wasn’t feeling too well. We also stopped at another gas station/restaurant on the way back similar to the one where I was pick-pocketed, so least to say I was paranoid.

When I don’t feel well my first instinct is to put my headphones in and try to drown out the cruddy feelings, so that is what I did, yet this drive into Sao Paolo called for a special playlist. I couldn’t listen to any country, pop, alternative, musical, edam, etc. I felt like I could only listen to hard core rap music as we inched towards the third largest city in the world. The surrounding skyscrapers and never ending sea of man-made materials, the blaring horns and standstill traffic with motorcyclists zooming by, the dirty street vendors taking advantage of you’re car parked on the highway, the dirt and smog, it all coincided with my previous notion of pick-pocketers and muggers and all I could listen to was my hard-core rap music that seemed to parallel my feelings and thoughts of the city of Sao Paolo.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to experience much of Sao Paolo for the weekend because Saturday I ended up going to the hospital for a really sore throat. I was afraid it was mumps since it has been going around OSU and my luck this trip hadn’t been the best thus far. She gave me painkillers. Didn’t work. My impression of Brazilian medical care wasn’t too great in Sao Paolo but it was a lot cheaper than any checkup in the U.S. Anyways, I went to get pizza Saturday night after sleeping all day and all night Friday but could only manage to get a half a piece down. There was about five days this entire trip where all I could eat was juice and jello so I hoped it would counteract the amount of carbs/rice and beans I ate every other day. Sunday I felt a little better so I went with the group to see the Afro-Brasilian museum and the museum of Modern Art.IMG_7605 IMG_7604

These were really interesting since the Afro-Brasilian museum offered a lot of insight into the slavery situation during colonial times and the modern art museum offered a stark contrast to the prior with its modern aesthetic and urban characteristics of present day Brazil. I also went to get ice cream with some of the group later that afternoon. My strain of bad luck continued as a monstrous monsoon ensued as soon as we got our ice cream: hailing, torrential downpour for 15 minutes that turned the streets into rivers. Even the native Brazilians were taking pictures and confused as to what to do so you know this was an anomaly.

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