Salvador Day 1

Tuesday May 20:

Sam and I shared a double bed and, although Ana gave us our own sheets to use, I was so incredibly hot at night I slept in basically just underwear on top of every sheet (Sam and I became real close J). I’m a naturally sweaty and hot person naturally so the Brazilian humidity took a toll on my sweat glands (sorry if that’s too much information but we are all about openness here in Brazil). Ana made us breakfast EVERY morning. The first morning was this delicious cous-cous and egg dish, a fruit salad made of papaya/apple/mango/etc, breads and butter, fresh squeezed juice, and salami and cheese. And Ana’s coffee is honestly the best coffee I have had this entire trip! She brews it with canela (cinnamon) so it is just delicious. I brought some home along with some Brazilian cinnamon that Ana picked for me so I can’t wait to make it every morning. I woke up not even able to swallow, though, so unfortunately could only get the juice and some fruit salad down.

After popping a few ibuprofen and the painkillers I was prescribed we went to our first class at ACBEU which was a traditional Brazilian dance class with instructor Antonio Cozido. I have never sweat so much in my life due to 1. The humidity of San Salvador and 2. The African style dance and 3. My natural sweaty nature. It was a highlight of the trip because we were all disgusting but laughing and dancing together anyways and not caring. After Ana made us a huge lunch, we had our first Portuguese language class that day which was interesting because I could pick it up so much easier just from knowing Spanish. Later we went on a panoramic tour of the city with our lovely tour guide Simone. The city is interesting because you have these massive, modern sky-scrapers adjacent to the favelas (slums) of the Afro-Brasilians built along every hillside. Once slavery was abolished in Salvador the slaves took root in the only available land which was the tops of the hills, so when you enter Salvador you see just hills upon hills of these unfinished, rundown cubicles stacked on top of each other aiding as a back ground for the brand new, state of the art futbol stadium. We stopped to get ice cream at the oldest sorveteria in Salvador, which felt amazing on my throat after not being able to eat lunch.ImageIMG_7672  IMG_7682     IMG_7705

I was dying of pain and missed most of the tour from simply passing out on the bus so I was going go see another doctor in the morning. At this point it was Brazil- 2 Cailin- 0.


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