Room and Irony

For Christmas I get to be Santa for a small portion of the tradition of stocking stuffing; I get to stuff my mothers stocking. I had gotten this book Room by author Emma Donoghue knowing that I would want to read it after my mother was done with it….yet I didn’t even let her read it before I took it back with me to college. Actually I didn’t even make it out of the airport before I had gobbled up half the novel. It is a great read! Enthralling and captivating you do not want to put it down. This story is about a woman and her child who are held captive in a room by the kidnapper/rapist who fathered her child. The thing I found most interesting about this novel is that ironically it is almost the same story as that of Jaycee Dugard AND it was released just months before she was rescued…irony. The idea of irony is a concept I think about a lot. Is it associated with the idea of karma? Are ironic events meant to tell us something? Is irony even a real thing or are these little happenstances just a part of life?

I don’t know if irony is necessarily meant to warn us or tell us something about life, but I do think it is one of life’s little wonders that makes it so interesting. When ironic things happen I am always the first one to point it out or think about how they connect. I’m intrigued. I think the fact that life can create ironic situations just shows us how wonderful life really is and how intriguing it can be.

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