Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows

Just finished reading this after a short one hour flight home for Thanksgiving. Not my favorite. I appreciated the story and was intrigued by the initial summary, but it developed too slowly, was a bit too predictable, and the one part that was most intriguing to me, the odd relationship between Clara and Daniel, just stopped short of where it should have. As a story of a modern woman’s search to discover if she is related to Mary Shelly, author of Frankenstein, I was expecting it to be much more thrilling or mystery involved. I am also a sucker for a good romance in any story, and was less than happy that Clara’s relationship with Daniel stopped so suddenly…

I loved the idea of this story though.. a woman who finds that one of the worlds most famous novelists is her great ancestor and their stories unfold together. I believe I am a hopeless romantic; I love the chivalry and essence of “older times” (think Catherine and Heathcliff), and the aspect of Out of the Shadows that I actually did enjoy were the flashbacks to the actual life of Mary Shelly and how her life unfolded with Percy. If I got anything from reading this book it was mostly inspiration to connect the past and the future; to revisit the “olden times” and incorporate that back into modern life.

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